Patient Testimonials

In office balloon sinuplasty testimonials

Do you feel better after the procedure?

"Yes. I can actually breathe now. I am now getting some improvement in my sense of smell. I have not gotten sick since the procedure and I had been getting sick all the time before it. Definitely feeling less pressure in my face."

How was the procedure for you?

"I don’t do well with general anesthesia, I get very sick to my stomach so the office procedure was much better for me. I did experience some pain during the procedure but every procedure has some pain involved. Nothing unbearable."

Would you do this again if you had to do everything over again?


-L.W. age 50, patient of Dr. Lin

Hearing Aid Testimonials

"I've had a lot of people IM, text, call and communicate here as well regarding me getting hearing aids.  I have to say that even after only a single day, the difference is almost overwhelming. 

Sounds that had become so muted over the years, sounds that I didn't realize I was no longer hearing have all, instantaneously come back to my ears.  I've been thinking about the best way to describe it and it's like a symphony of old, familiar sounds that I just haven't heard in a long time.  Clicks on the keyboard, drawers opening in my office area that are dozens of feet away, the buzz of fluorescent light bulbs, cars driving by, birds singing and things like that are either recognizable by me again or just a bit more exaggerated than they had been.  But, add all of that together at the same time and it's amazing.

I told a very close and dear friend earlier today that I didn't even consider my own vanity or ego when making the decision to get them.  My hearing and the lives of those close to me are much too important for that sort of pettiness to get in the way.  I'm glad that I have them and even more glad that I can hear again!"

- Bruce Cummings, a middle-aged career professional and father of two young children.

Resound Azure (Behind The Ear Hearing Instrument) Patient Testimonials

". In short, these small electronic devices have given me back a large portion of my life and it didn’t take long to notice it!! I am a normally outgoing person, but over time I had begun to be more withdrawn. I now realize it was because I could not hear!!! I shied away from certain group situations at work for the same reasons. Well, that has all changed, almost overnight!! I no longer ask for repeats or shy away from group meetings because, quite simply, I CAN HEAR!! .... … I knew after wearing my hearing aids for about 10 minutes that, not only was there an improvement, there was a BIG IMPROVEMENT!!!!....

I have to tell you Jonathan I was astounded at the difference. I told my wife that I would have to rate the change at 12 on that scale of 10!! I don't have to read lips anymore!!!!! Michael Willis, Apex, NC

"I am very pleased with the improved hearing above what I had in the past with only one hearing aid.   The ability to adjust band width in certain areas and also volume if necessary is very good.   Clarity is also excellent.  The battery weakening notice is also a nice feature. "  åRoger Binnig, Sanford, NC

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Resound be9 Hearing Device Testimonial

"Just wanted to give you some feedback on the Resound be9. As you are aware, I tried digital hearing devices several years ago, and gave up out of frustration. In spite of best efforts, it simply was not possible to "tune" the devices to a degree where I had a comfort level. As a training manager, I spend a lot of time in large group settings, which is where my hearing challenge was the greatest.

I'm happy to say that with the be9, I've experienced a "world of difference" compared to my first go around. Sounds are much more natural and have the proper dimension or depth. It is much easier than previously to engage in a conversation in a noisy environment. Lower pitch background sounds so longer overpower the mid-range, and there is greater fidelity overall. I'm even gradually getting used to my own voice. Driving in a car is much more tolerable - my past experience required I remove the hearing aids because the car sounds (engine, road) were amplified to the point of being annoying and distracting. This is not the case with the be9.

While I don't expect the be9 to resolve all of the hearing challenges I face, I am pleasantly surprised at how well it manages most of them, including that "stopped up" feeling I had with the molded devices. It is a bit of a challenge getting my staff not to talk so loud but I can live with that."

Thanks for your help. - D.M.

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Pillar Procedure Testimonials

"Patient has not been using his CPAP since the pillar implant for mild sleep apnea in 2007. The Pillars have helped him tremendously with his sleep problem. The pillars have made a great difference in his life. He is very pleased that he had the procedure".
Comments from patient WS in January 2012

"My wife is very happy now that I am not snoring anymore"

"My wife is very pleased" - Comment after patient got pillar procedure and stopped snoring. MS ( apex ).

"The pillar is working great and I rarely has to use the CPAP machine anymore. I received the implant on 11/17/2005"
signed E.T.

" I am dreaming now - first time in years "
" A lot more energy "
" I am not falling asleep during the day and staying up till 11 pm"
" Absolutely pleased with the pillar procedure "


"Breathing is much better at night."
"Noticed the effect right away."


"Any reduction is an improvement."


"Breathing better snoring reduced apnea reduced."


"Significant snoring reduction."


"Looking forward to improving daily. Thanks so much for the kindness showed during my procedure."


"Anything allowing the discontinuation of the CPAP is wonderful."


"Snoring is greatly reduced, no side effects, can't even remember they're there. Would absolutely recommended. Wife is very happy."


"Effective for someone that was pretty sure they couldn't sleep with a CPAP."


"I'll never forget the pain and alienation I felt when I was so exhausted all the time. Friends and family truly didn't understand. The Pillar Procedure was 100% effective as proven by a sleep study. I feel wonderful and am now able to really work out. Thank you so much for this procedure, it truly changed my life."


"I would recommend this procedure to anyone who has any snoring problem. I am very happy with the results. My wife says I snore alot less. The whole experience is less traumatic than a visit to the dentist office with a lot better result."


"Only snore when very tired."


"It has made an extreme difference in my activity level. I didn't nap like I did and feel great. I have more energy."


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