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Conditions, treatments and procedures:

CCENT Newsletter Archive - See all of our newsletters of today and past

2014-2016 Newsletters

January 2016 Newsletter - In Office Balloon Sinuplasty

October 2015 Newsletter - Planning the next years Allergy Season

July 2015 Newletter - Subligual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

April 2015 Newsletter - Greeting Apex and Sanford Communities!

January 2015 Newsletter - CCENT Update 2015 by Dr. Doris Lin

October 2014 Newsletter - Dr. Alexander to Join CCENT, utalizing technology to succeed in business, new equipment in balance lab

July 2014 Newsletter - Summer 2014 Newsletter - My ears are stopped up, so why are you testing my hearing, sleep hygiene, Xeomin Happy Hour Special

April 2014 Newsletter - Spring 2014 Newsletter - Treating Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal Irrigation, ReSound Teams up with Apple, CCENT offers Med Spa Services

January 2014 Newsletter - Winter 2014 Newsletter - Mal de Debarquement syndrome


2011-2013 Newsletters

October 2013 Newsletter - Fall/Winter 2013 Newsletter

July 2013 Newsletter - Summer 2013 Newsletter - CCENT to move Apex Office

April 2013 Newsletter - Managing Tinnitus with Zen Therapy

January 2013 Newsletter - Nasal Obstruction

October 2012 Newsletter - Breaking The Cycle of Tinnitus

July 2012 Newsletter - Voice Disorders in Children

Spring 2012 Newsletter - Pillar Patient - 5 Years Later

Winter 2012 Newsletter - CCENT Celebrates 25 Years

Fall 2011 Newsletter - Welcome New Providers

Summer 2011 Newsletter - Sudden Idiopathic Sensorineural Hearing loss (SIHL)

Spring 2011 Newsletter - Allergic Fungal Sinusitis

Winter 2011 Newsletter - Vertiginous Migraines

2006-2010 Newsletters

Fall 2010 Newsletter - Eustachian Tube Dysfunction - New Treatment Options

Summer 2010 Newsletter - Human Papillovirus can cause Oropharyngeal Cancer

Spring 2010 Newsletter - BAHA - Changing Lives Now and Then

Winter 2010 Newsletter - Improving Speech Perception - Patient profile

Fall 2009 Newsletter - Daycare and ENT Problems

July 2009 Newsletter - Sound Recover - A New Processing Stratedgy for Hearing Loss

April 2009 Newsletter - New Devices To Help with Chronis Sinusitis

January 2009 Newsletter - Sleep Apnea in Children

October 2008 Newsletter - Sleep Apnea in Children

July 2008 Newsletter - Thyoplasty - Patient Interview

April 2008 Newsletter - Pillar Procedure - 3 yr Followup

Winter Newsletter 2008 - Xoran Mini CAT

October 2007 - Mini Facelifts

July 2007 - Image guided Surgery

April 2007 - The Ear Popper

January 2007 - Focus on Eyelid Surgery

October 2006 - Snoring and Sleep Apnes

July 2006 - History of Sanford, Apex

Helpful Links

MedWeb - The Emory University Health Sciences Library maintains this mammoth collection of links to biomedical resources.

RestoreMedical -The Pillar Procedure Site for Snoring and Mild/Mod Sleep Apnea

MediPlay - An innovative solution for Medical practices for " in office" marketing for patients to Inform, Educate and Motivate. Custom designed video and multimedia productions.

Dymond Speech and Rehab - Speech, swallowing and voice therapy in Sanford, N.C.

Facial Surgery - This is the web site of Steven M. Dannenberg, M.D., of Omaha, Nebraska. Numerous before and after photos, plus good general information for potential cosmetic surgery patients. Medical specialists will also appreciate this site.

NYU Voice Center - Information regarding voice disorders, diagnostics and treatment.

WebMD -a general source for medical information and questions. A large database .

Guide to Otolaryngology on the Internet - Links to discussion groups, mailing lists, patient care information and much, much more.

Otolaryngology journals - An online, peer-reviewed source of information on otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and related fields.

Otolaryngology Resources - Links to a number of other otolaryngology, head and neck surgery departments throughout the USA.

The Voice Problem Website This site is for explanations for voice disorders and treatments

Assistive Listening devices This website provides valuable information on Assistive Listenening Devices for Hearing Loss and full explanations of the various types

Central Carolina Hospital General Information, Physician locator for Lee County, Moore County, Chatham County, Harnett County and Cumberland County plus Symtom Finder

Patient Care Information

American Academy of Audiology - Consumer information about hearing aids, hearing loss, and a variety of other topics concerning hearing.

Cochlear Implants - The Cochlear Implant Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating and supporting cochlear implant recipients and their families.

Sunshine Cottage for Deaf Children - San Antonio's premier educational institution for hearing-impaired children.

AAO-HNS Weblinks - Webpage maintained by the American Academy of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery, with MANY links of interest to our patients. If you can't find it on our webpage, the AAO-HNS Weblinks page is the next place to try.

American Tinnitus Association - If you suffer from head noise (tinnitus), you may want to become a member of the ATA in order to learn of the latest developments in the treatment of tinnitus.

Cancer of the Larynx - Information for patients with laryngeal cancer; many links to related sites. This web page, which is updated frequently, is authored by David L."Dutch" Helms, Lt Col, USAF, (Ret.).

Deaf Children's Society of B.C. - This site is not just for parents with deaf children; there are many links to information and resources for individuals with a hearing impairment.

KidSource Online Health - Links to two sites of interest to parents: a discussion on middle ear fluid, and a discussion on middle ear infections.

The Vestibular Disorders Association (VEDA) - Do you suffer from vertigo/dizziness? You may have a problem with your vestibular system. This site has excellent information on a variety of vestibular disorders, including Meniere's disease, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, labyrinthitis, and neuronitis. There are also many links for related illnesses, including hearing loss and tinnitus.

Inhealth Technologies - Information and equipment for patients with head-neck cancer



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