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Trouble Breathing Through Your Nose? Latest treatment for nasal obstruction is the Latera implant

Nasal obstruction can be caused by many factors including a deviated septum (the wall on the inside of your nose that separates the right and left nasal passages), inferior turbinate hypertrophy (structures within your nose that help warm and humidify the air that enters your nose), or weakened cartilage on the outside of your nose to name a few. If the septum is crooked or the inferior turbinates are large, this problem can be corrected with a septoplasty that straightens the septum or an inferior turbinate reduction. These are relatively easy procedures to perform and typically do not lead to any cosmetic deformity of the nose because the surgery is performed inside your nose.

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Innovative Office Procedure for Chronic Sinusitis Now Available at Central Carolina ENT

By Richard Alexander, MD, PhD, MBA

Sinusitis is one of the most common chronic health problems in the U.S., afflicting an estimated 37 million Americans each year. Patients suffer from facial pain and pressure, congestion, nasal discharge, and fatigue, among other symptoms. Sinusitis has a significant effect on these patients’ physical, functional, and emotional quality of life.

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Practice Announcement

Dr. William C. Leliever retires from CCENT. Christine Lupienski and Rachel Lazaro have moved on to other jobs to be closer to their families.

Dr. William Leliever has retired in 2016 and leaves CCENT under the care of Dr. Doris Lin and Dr. Richard Alexander. CCENT looks forward to the next decade with tremendous potential and excitement!

In Office Balloon Sinuplasty by Dr. Richard Alexander

Chronic sinusitis can affect one’s quality of life in many ways. Some of the symptoms of chronic sinusitis can include nasal obstruction, nasal congestion, postnasal drip, decreased sense of smell, facial pressure, headaches, fatigue, pain in the upper teeth, and pain behind the eyes just to name a few. Once a thorough history and physical examination has taken place, your ENT doctor will determine what further testing you may need including nasal endoscopy (using a camera to evaluate the nasal passages) and/or CT imaging of the sinuses. Once the diagnosis of chronic sinusitis has been established, the treatment options can then be explored.

In Office Balloon Sinuplasty

Dr. Richard Alexander Is Now Accepting New Patients!

Richard Alexander MDCentral Carolina ENT would like to announce that Dr. Richard Alexander is now accepting new patients in the Sanford and Apex offices.  Dr. Alexander operates at Central Carolina Hospital in Sanford, and at WakeMed and Rex outpatient surgery center in Cary.  He is trained in all aspects of otlaryngology.  

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China - Show Hope 2013 Mission

CCENT recently donated some ear tubes which Wake Med took to China on their Show Hope 2013 mission trip. Here is a picture of the kids who benefited from the ear tubes donated by CCENT.

China Mission

Central Carolina ENT Associates Receives Accreditation by the ICACTL

Central Carolina ENT ( EAR, NOSE AND THROAT) Associates, Dr. William LeLiever, MD, Dr. Richard Alexander, MD, and Dr. Doris Lin, MD are pleased to announce that they have been granted accreditation of the practices.

CT facility by the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Computed Tomography Laboratories (ICACTL).

By voluntarily seeking and acquiring accreditation, the Central Carolina ENT Associates has demonstrated their commitment to quality. We are delighted to recognize this facility as one of the first ICACTL ENT accredited labs," said ICACTL CEO Sandra Katanick.

ICACTL is comprised of nine sponsoring medical organizations including American Academy of Neurology, American Academy of Otolaryngology, the society of computed tomography, American college of cardiology, American college of nuclear cardiology, Society of cardiovascular Computed Tomography and the society of Nuclear Medicine along with at-large board members representing radiology.

Central Carolina ENT associates has offices in Apex and Sanford.

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