Trouble Breathing Through Your Nose? Latest treatment for nasal obstruction is the Latera implant

Nasal obstruction can be caused by many factors including a deviated septum (the wall on the inside of your nose that separates the right and left nasal passages), inferior turbinate hypertrophy (structures within your nose that help warm and humidify the air that enters your nose), or weakened cartilage on the outside of your nose to name a few. If the septum is crooked or the inferior turbinates are large, this problem can be corrected with a septoplasty that straightens the septum or an inferior turbinate reduction. These are relatively easy procedures to perform and typically do not lead to any cosmetic deformity of the nose because the surgery is performed inside your nose.

If the cartilage on the outside of your nose is weak, this may collapse in when you breathe. Patients may have tried strips across the nose to correct this problem. If you notice that your nose pinches in while trying to inhale, this may be a sign of weakened cartilage on the outside of the nose. Correction of weakened nasal cartilage traditionally required a procedure called a rhinoplasty, where cartilage is taken from the ear and placed in the nose to give it more structural support. Unfortunately, this procedure will typically change the shape of your nose and may make it look larger.

The latest innovation in nasal valve surgery is the Latera implant by Spirox. This small implant is inserted via a small cannula into the nasal sidewall. The implant is made from a polymer that gradually dissolves and is absorbed over a period of 18 months. The Latera implant supports the nasal cartilage and reduces its tendency to collapse during inspiration. This procedure is very quick, and extremely effective. It is small enough that it does not alter the outside appearance of your nose. Patients have been extremely pleased with their results. Here is a post from our Facebook page: “Thanks to Dr. Alexander for the surgery yesterday on my nose. I can breath so much better … Will recommend this to anyone.”

Only a doctor can determine what medications or surgical procedures may help your nasal obstruction. Make an appointment with one of our providers to determine how we might help your nasal obstruction.

Latera Sinus Implant

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