CT Sinus Scan for Evaluation

Computed tomography (CT) scans are the imaging modality of choice for inflammatory sinus disease. The CT scan is used in conjunction with a head and neck examination and sinus endoscopy in the office to evaluate sinus disease. A CT scan is obtained for several reasons. Patients with chronic or recurrent sinus disease may have a bony or structural abnormality blocking adequate drainage of the sinuses during an infection which is often associated with a feeling of facial pressure around the sinuses.

Patients with severe allergic disease can also have structural blockages of the sinuses exacerbating their symptoms. The extent of nasal polyps can also be determined with a CT scan. Any bony defects from a nasal tumor or herniation of orbital (eye) contents can be mapped out. A defect at the skull base from tumor, brain herniation, or a fracture from trauma can also be detected. Imaging is often helpful to evaluate patients with unexplained loss of the sense of smell or unexplained headache or facial pressure to confirm or rule out the role of sinus disease in these processes.

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