BAHA Hearing Aid

Good things come in small packagesThe New Hearing Aid Sound Processor BAHA 5

Baha 5

Conversations don’t have to stop when it starts to get noisy.

The Baha 5 Sound Processor is designed to help you enjoy listening to clearer, more crisp sound, and hear what people are saying even in noisy environments. The key to your new sound experience is our revolutionary SmartSound® iQ technology, which automatically selects the appropriate program based on where you are and optimizes the sound to enhance your hearing in that listening environment. Whether you’re at work or in a noisy restaurant, you won’t have to guess which setting is best; your sound processor will do it for you.

Made for iPhone®

A smart connection to the people and devices you love.

The Baha 5 Sound Processor connects you to the people and devices you love. It is the first sound processor that can stream sound directly from an iPhone, iPad® and iPod touch®.

All of your favorite movies, TV shows, games, music – even a video call from family on the other side of the world – are streamed directly to your sound processor. Every song, every word is clearer and crisper than before. And the best thing is no one will even know you have it on.

True Wireless Freedom

No strings attached.

The Baha 5 Sound Processor lets you connect to a range of wireless accessories that can extend your hearing experience, improve your ability to hear and help you enjoy your hearing every day.

Cochlear Wireless Accessories let you watch TV without disturbing others, help you hear speech in noisy or crowded environments and can connect you to all types of electronic devices. The direct-to-device connections between each accessory and your sound processor have one thing in common – there are no strings attached.

Baha 5 Accessories

Introducing Cochlear Baha 4

Baha 4 Hearing AidSmarter Hearing – Wireless Freedom

Intelligent adaptive signal processing and true wireless technology designed to offer patients a new level in hearing performance, ease of use and listening comfort.

Soft Tissue Preservation

A less invasive surgery with soft tissue preservation means patients spend less time in surgery and get better results.

Superior Stability

Combining the advantage of the TiOblast™ surface with a wider diameter

provides patients with industry-leading implant stability.

Who is a suitable candidate for a Baha

The usual candidates for a BAHA system are those people who for a variety of reasons cannot wear standard 'in the ear' air conduction hearing aids or who would benefit most from amplification by bone conduction.

  • Some people have allergies to earmolds or cannot have molds in their ears due to irritation or infection which can become chronic.
  • People who have malformed or absent outer ear and ear canals as is common in medical conditions such as Treacher Collins syndrome or Microtia.
  • People who have single sided deafness due to surgery, head trauma or disease. For example people who have Meniere’s Disease or an acoustic neuroma.
  • In Canada, stage one surgery for BAHA has been implanted into children as young as 13 months at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. Stage two surgery has been done as early as 22 months.
  • For infants, an interim measure young infants can be provided with a BAHA softband allowing them to use a BAHA. This is a tight headband which the infant wears to hold a BAHA against the skull.

Audiological Criteria for Baha System


Pure Tone Average bone conduction better than or equal to 65dBHL at .5, 1K, 2K and 3 KHz...
There is no restriction on word recognition.

45 dB HL for the Baha 4

55 dB HL for the Baha 3 Power

65 dB HL for the Cordelle II

For bilateral fittings – Symmetric bone conduction thresholds are defined as less than 10dB difference on average (0.5, 1, 2, 3kHz) or less than 15dB at individual frequencies.

Single Sided Deafness

Profound SNHL

Good ear has to have a PTA AC Threshold better than or equal to 20 dB @ 500 Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 3KHz.

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